Profit Share Program
What is the Profit-Share Program?

The Profit-Share Program allows you to unlock the ownership of the Metawalls company and become a shareholder. The share of 25% of the company will be owned by the community of eligible members. The key to the Profit-Share Program are shares of the works from Crown Collection, Crown CO-NFTs.We have made the impossible possible! :)

How is this legally possible?

The unique legal solution developed for Metawalls is based on an exemption in Estonian law, that makes it possible for private limited companies on certain circumstances to transfer shares without visiting a notary (Commercial Code § 149 clause 6) and legally binding shareholders list is maintained internally. In this case the official rule for the transfer of shares is that it happens in form that can be reproduced in writing. This allows us to use blockchain technology for that purpose and through that connect the shares to the NFTs.

If the NFT is sold, the new owner has the immediate right to undergo the KYC process and request to become a shareholder. However, until this is completed (or should it for any reason not be completed), the previous owner of the NFT remains a shareholder of the company. (Commercial code § 150. Notification of transfer)

From the point of completing the KYC process, Metawalls has 30 days to confirm the listing or come between the transfer of the share.

How can I participate?

There are two ways to get your hands on a Crown CO-NFT

1. Purchase them directly on the Metawalls platform. link to crown co-nfts

2. Create a user account and start showing your community engagement. Our most active members will get the Crown CO-NFTs airdropped directly into their wallets. Every time there is an artwork from the Crown Collection released, we distribute a certain number of Crown CO-NFTs to the most active members of our community. If you want to join now and get a head start, create a user account and start earning points right away! account link

Do I have to buy NFTs to participate?

You don’t! The points you gain for being active in the community are displayed on the Community Leaderboard. The NFT purchases are not factored in here and the most active members will receive Crown CO-NFTs as well.

Why is it important to verify my Discord and Twitter accounts with MW?

We want to reward you for your engagement, not make you work more, and manually submit each post and proof of engagement on social media. We developed the reward system so that it would be as user-friendly as possible and we could see your engagement and credit your points automatically. We can do this if you add your Twitter and Discord accounts to your user profile. We can only see and do anything that your usual follower can. You are of course free to disconnect the accounts at any time, the same way you get to connect them here

How can I rank up on the Community Leaderboard and Metascore Wall?

As long as your social media profiles are listed in your account, every time you participate in social activities on Discord and Twitter, scout for talents and amazing artworks and help to grow the community, you automatically gain points that show up on the Community-Leaderboard. When you also support the artists by collecting NFTs from our gallery, your points combined will rank you up on the Metascore Wall, which will be launched with the new website.

Will I also receive points for buying NFTs?


CO-NFTs from the Crown Collection works are already the direct link to unlocking the micro shares of the company, therefore they don't get additional point rewards.

You will however receive points for any other NFT or CO-NFT bought on Metawalls that is in your wallet. All of your buys and actions will rank you up on our Metascore Wall which we will soon launch on our new website. 

How can I help onboarding new artists to MW and receive points?

We are currently working on a feature where any artist could apply for their artwork to be minted on Metawalls. Within this process the artist can enter the wallet address of the person that recommended us to him/her. If we decide to cooperate with the artist, this user will receive 1.000 points.  

Until this public link is available any artist can apply by simply sending us their artwork with a short self description and link to social media profile or website and the wallet address of the person who onboarded them via email to

Get in touch with us and grow the family together!

What is Metawalls?

METAWALLS is the new NFT ecosystem for the Street & Urban Art community where all contributors - artists, collectors, and fans - are fairly rewarded for their work, contribution, and engagement.

We come from different sides of Urban culture to create a new art market paradigm, which will follow the ethics of street culture, immortalise its artworks and help artists fund their creative practice while creating a passive income opportunity for their supporters.

Are the artists directly involved?

Yes! We will only work with artists who agree to a collaboration with the Metawalls project, this is a vital component of what we're doing here. Our first aim is to build a collective, and provide a support base for the artists living and working in Berlin.

What are the benefits of NFTs?

The artistic fundamentals behind NFTs make them valuable. Signatures and public certifications from the artist as well as digital scarcity of the token provide its value. The artists are able to autonomously create and secure their digital identity and creations and make transactions with full transparency. 
Metawalls adds additional value to the NFTs themselves to keep the ecosystem functioning and growing, be it the Profit-Share Program and many future perks for the holders.

What is the Crown Collection?

Crown Collection represents an evolving curated network of Street Art masterpieces, from urban art capitals worldwide. This journey is based on collaboration with artists and our community members. NFTs of the works from Crown Collection (aka Crown CO-NFTs) are the key to unlocking the Profit-Share Program and receiving micro shares in the company. Facilitated through the CO-NFT technology we are able to immortalize historical street art masterpieces into Web3 and make them accessible to large communities of fans and art lovers locally and globally.

The Genesis Masterpiece of the Crown Collection is an iconic mural by Jim Avignon from the Berlin Wall Memorial

How does Metawalls benefit artists?

Metawalls makes the possibilities of Web3 serve the needs of Street Artists. Immortalising works of Street Art through NFT creates an identity and IP rights protection and allows artists to earn through their creative practice. Metawalls takes down the barriers built by the traditional art market and lets the artists stay in control of their work.

Metawalls is also the place that summons the supporters of Street Art globally, incentivising and rewarding both financial contributors and community builders.

Why could NFT make sense for artists?

NFT gives you an additional possibility to offer the digital work or a digital twin of your artwork to the audience as a Non Fungible Token. This allows artists to overlook any transactions related to the token, participate on the revenue streams (primary and secondary) as well as have a unique and non-destroyable proof of the origin of the artwork and IP rights as well as the artist identity (displayed via wallet address).  NFT is a great medium to connect with new audiences and fans, to allow them participate on your artistic process and journey, to involve community into supporting you.

What is the difference between NFT and CO-NFT?

CO-NFT is an NFT format which is inspired by the ethics of the Street Art culture, where the art is accessible for many and not owned exclusively.

CO-NFT (Collective-Ownership NFT) is a customised technology created by Metawalls to generate shared (art) assets and connect artists and creators with large audiences of fans and collectors. By breaking up a larger mural into smaller units, artists can offer their fans a chance to collectively own a larger artwork, and get special benefits for owning the CO-NFTs.

CO-NFTs are better suited for larger pieces that allow visual division into individual fragments. If the artwork can not / should not be visually divided, it can be minted as a single NFT.

I'm already selling my works as NFTs on other platforms. Can I still offer my works through Metawalls?

Yes! You are only tied to Metawalls with the artwork you decide to submit and have turned into NFT on our platform. You are absolutely free to collaborate on different projects with different platforms and find out what works best for you and your work.

What are unique features Metawalls offers for the Street Artists?

I. We developed two customised Smart Contracts to create NFTs:

a) ERC 721 for the CO-NFT
b) ERC 1155 for editions and 1 to 1 NFTs.
Both a) run on polygon, b) include unique and street art-related properties in their meta data, which are displayed in the c) special certificate design:
*QR code for the physical location
*Artists Quote
*Signature of tag
*other properties we should check on the webpage
*unlockable content can be included in both

II. We built a Website to represent our artists and their works, including the stories around the artworks, urban context.

III. We developed tools like royalty splitter that helps automatize the transparency and  distribution of royalties for your sold artworks

IV. We built a gallery in the metaverse "The Embassy", dedicated to display the street art culture, check this out.

V. We developed a unique system of strong utilities that we offer to the collectors of your work without you doing it - we believe that the art is the strongest utility! Our role as a designer of the ecosystem is to create a long term and sustainable system to keep the ecosystem functioning and growing. For this we developed a Profit Share Program

My mural was damaged/doesn't exist anymore. Can I still offer it as an NFT?

Yes! As long as there is a digital file that represents the artwork. If it's an exact documentation of the piece or its digitally altered version is only your creative choice. One of the purposes of Metawalls is to document and eternalize the urban artworks in the metaverse. Every NFT from a mural is marked with the geographical coordinates of the wall, creating an online history of the artistic creation in that exact spot.

How can I start offering my works through Metawalls?

To be able to represent and connect artists from all around the world, we are open to submissions. At the moment, we are only able to accept a limited number of artists, the works therefore undergo a curation process by the Metawalls team and the members of the community. However, the aim is to create an open platform for everyone, so even if you are not selected at the moment, please stay in touch for more information about the marketplace!

In the time before we officially launch all the functionalities, please apply through email at stating details about yourself and your practice (feel free to use your pseudonym) including relevant links and details about the artwork you'd like to apply with. We kindly ask you for patience, as the decision process can take several weeks. Do not resend the application with the same artwork, however please feel free to add another artwork over time in case you find it a better fit.

What happens when my work gets accepted to Metawalls?

Together with you, we finalise the conditions of the sale and prepare all the details for the drop, including your artist profile on the Metawalls website and supporting content. The sales price of the NFT depends on your own decision, if needed, our team can advise about the pricing of the work. Artists can also run an auction for the work (or series of works).

Metawalls facilitates a range of content formats to promote the sale of the NFTs, online and offline. A successful sale is also dependent on promotion within your existing fan base and active participation in reaching new audiences within the Metawalls community. Promoting your work personally can help find the right collector and rally the community around the work. We are here to support you and are open to co-create new formats suited to your practice.

What happens when someone buys my NFT?

Upon sale of the NFT, the transaction is written on blockchain and traceable back for the future. As with a sale of a physical work, the buyer now owns the NFT; the copyright of the artwork is retained by the artist.

Upon sale, you receive 60% of the primary sales and are also involved in every resale (secondary sales) of the NFT. To this end, Metawalls has developed software that can track every future sale. The artist receives in each transaction 5% of the secondary sales price.

Metawalls currently works with OpenSea, where the amounts are pre-set. In the future, they will be redefined and our own marketplace will offer more flexibility

Can I take part in the Profit-Share program?

Absolutely! To start right away and see the Metawalls community from the inside, create a user account, follow us on social media and join our Discord. There you can also reach out to us to ask any additional questions, give us your feedback or just chat.

What is a CO-NFT?

Our ‘CO-NFT’ stands for ‘Collective Ownership’, and allows for the fractionalisation of a single artwork into several NFTs, using the Metawalls custom minting tool. A single CO-NFT is a 'fraction' of the original artwork. CO-NFT's are divided into a predetermined number of shares, and each share is then made available as a unique NFT in its own right.

Artists can freely use this tool when they decide that dividing the artwork makes sense to them, maybe to be able to set a lower price for individual pieces and thus make it possible for a wider range of collectors to support their work and own a part of it.

What is Crown CO-NFT?

While any work can become a CO-NFT, only Crown CO-NFTs, are the key to receiving micro shares in the company.

Why aren’t my own shares marked (orange) inside the CO-NFT?

Make sure that you are connected with the same wallet/account you have purchased the share/s on OpenSea with. Click “connect wallet” in the website header menu and sign in. Refresh webpage. Note: Due to OpenSea restrictions it may take up to 10 minutes until your share will be updated and your wallet address/user name will be recognised. This applies across the website, including the share grid.

Why is the “Access content” Button in Unlockable Content not appearing?

Make sure that you are connected with the same wallet/account you have purchased the share/s on OpenSea with. Click “connect wallet” in the website header menu and sign in. Refresh webpage.

What is Wrapped Ether and where can I get it?

Wrapped Ether (WETH) is ETH on Polygon. Details on how to load your wallet with WETH can be found here


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